“FSOS is a safe place for survivors to tell our stories. It is a place where we feel lovingly listened to, not observed, corrected or judged.”


“The death of a loved one by suicide brings a particular kind of pain, and only those who have experienced that pain can understand it. By discussing our feelings with fellow survivors openly, honestly and non-judgmentally, we realize that we are not alone in our suffering, that we share a common burden, and this in itself is an outgoing source of comfort.”


“One of the goals of our group is to help restore members’ self-esteem. By contributing to and participating in the group, each of us has the chance to start achieving again, to gain recognition for that achievement, and to begin to regain control over our lives.”


“There is a sense of security in the group. The quiet comfort of the room together with the understanding and empathy of the members gives us a feeling both of being enclosed serenely in a cocoon and of being liberated.”


“We are able to talk about anything, knowing whatever we say will be held within the boundaries of the room in which we meet. It is a relief to be able to express ourselves freely, and it is reassuring to know that confidentiality is considered of prime importance.”


“I begin to feel better on the morning of the day that I know I’ll be attending a meeting.”


“I’ve learned that blame is a waste of time. What matters is what you do with yourself and your life afterwards.”


“The key is to go beyond the ‘why’ and simply to be there for others. FSOS has helped me bring a new meaning to something senseless.”


“As you keep bringing it out at the group, it becomes easier to live with. No matter how much you grieve, you learn that you have to pick yourself up and move on.”


“I feel as though I’ve been running a marathon, and thanks to FSOS, I feel that I’m on the last mile.”


“I’ve ,made some close friends who really understand me.”


“It is extraordinary what happens inside the group. We are both the helpers and the helped.”


“I would definitely encourage someone to join a group. It would help them through all this mystery and confusion that seems to surround death”


“The idea of bringing a picture of our loves ones was excellent. It was extremely moving to put faces to names of everyone together. I found it difficult, yet paradoxically the most healing session”


“I think the vast majority of people would benefit from a bereavement group, even though grief work is hard work”.


” Given the circumstances of my loss and the lack of rituals, the group was truly a “Godsend” for me”


“Dear Group Leaders

I need to express my sincere thanks to you for helping me through this terrible time in my life. You are exceptionally compassionate and understanding and that meant so much to me. You never made me feel crazy, and believe me there were times when I felt awful. It is difficult to convey to you what an impact you had on me. I always felt safe with the group and I know that was because you were very sincere in dealing with people who are hurting. To help deal with the pain inside that’s with me day to day

It’s helped me know I’m not alone in what I’m going through

It’s even made me smile at times – all thanks to each of you

So I just wanted to say thanks and let you know I care

My thoughts are with you always


FSOS offers emotional support on overcoming the guilt, anger, depression, and fear that follow in the wake of suicide. It helps survivors to understand the past and lighten the way to a new future.