Family Survivors Of Suicide

Welcome to Family Survivors of Suicide- a Montreal based suicide support group. Our meetings are open to anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide. There are no memberships fees.

Please also see the Resources section for more information on a book written by Caroline Emblem, the founder of Family Survivors of Suicide. 

If you have lost a loved one, we are here to listen, consult, share and speak freely without judgement nor expectation and be a source of comfort and aid during this difficult time.


As survivors ourselves, we understand that no words nor gestures can heal or solve any pain but with time and the right support within the right environment, it gets better…better to understand our situation, better to feel less alone, better to share our emotions, better to feel at ease and to ask the questions we fear to attempt to ask.


After attending a first meeting, all those interested are invited to add their names to our contact list and to attend future meetings.

FSOS offers emotional support on overcoming the guilt, anger, depression, and fear that follow in the wake of suicide. It helps survivors to understand the past and lighten the way to a new future.