Family Survivors Of Suicide is a self – help group in Montreal. We are dedicated to helping those who have lost loved ones to suicide.



We provide a safe, non-judgemental, and confidential outlet for sharing with others who have gone through similar experiences.  Through sharing and conversation, we strive for understanding and assurances for others in the group that they are not alone. We can provide evidence that it is possible to feel better about dealing or coping with the loss of a loved one through suicide and develop positive attitudes about the future. We also provide the opportunity for members to help each other through the sharing of experiences as well as ideas and avenues wherein members can begin to regain some control over their lives.



Meetings will continue to be held virtually and now also offered in-person. Please click the ‘Meetings’ tab to learn more.



For more information, please use the contact email in the ‘Contact Us’ tab.


Pour plus d’informations, veuillez utiliser l’e-mail de contact dans l’onglet Contact Us




Should you choose to attend the session(s) virtually, secure settings and an invite only protocol ensures the confidentiality of our group. Participants can join to listen in via an audio feed only or can take part with the video portion as well.

Our mission is to provide mutual emotional support and guidance to those attempting to cope with the many intense emotions that follow in the wake of suicide and to raise awareness in the wider community of suicide. As survivors work through the grief process toward healing, we help them gain a better understanding of the past, finding greater comfort in the present, and look forward to a brighter future.

Notre mission est de fournir un soutien émotionnel mutuel et des conseils à ceux qui tentent de faire face aux nombreuses émotions intenses qui suivent le suicide et de sensibiliser l’ensemble de la communauté au suicide. Alors que les survivants traversent le

processus de deuil vers la guérison, nous les aidons à mieux comprendre le passé, à trouver un plus grand réconfort dans le présent et

processus à envisager un avenir plus radieux.



FSOS offers emotional support on overcoming the guilt, anger, depression, and fear that follow in the wake of suicide. It helps survivors to understand the past and lighten the way to a new future.